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John Deere 1050 – John Deere 1050 is a compact utility tractor produced by John Deere as a lineup in their 50 compact series. There are two configurations that can be chosen from the series, including 2WD and 4WD, depending on the kind of power you need from your tractor. Previously, this series of tractors was produced by Yanmar and distributed by John Deere around 1980 to 1989.

The type of engine that you can find on the John Deere 1050 is a diesel engine with a 3-cylinder configuration. The oil capacity is 1.7 L, which should be enough for any heavy-duty work that you want to do. The transmission features eight forward gears along with two reverse gears for more versatility. You can be sure that you can use this tractor for any type of agricultural work, both on a large and small scale.

The John Deere 1050 is fitted with a diesel engine produced by Yanmar. The model of the engine is 3T90TJ and has a capacity of 1.7 L. The engine itself is a naturally aspirated engine design using diesel as its fuel. The size of the cylinder bore is about 90 mm and the piston stroke is also around 90 mm. All those specifications are already enough for every type of heavy-duty agricultural and gardening needs.

The engine from Yanmar can produce up to 27.6 kW, which is the equivalent of 37hp. The compression ratio rating from this engine is around 20.4:1. These numbers are rated while the engine is being run at 2400 RPM to achieve maximum power from the optimal output. Even with heavy attachments, this tractor will be able to help you in the field. It will also be comfortable and convenient due to the user-friendly design from every aspect of the tractor.

Aside from the aspects that we have explained above, we will also explain other things from the John Deere 1050 tractor, including essential features, important specifications, recent user reviews, available attachments, the tractor prices, along with the recent images from the product. The objective of this article is to help you make a purchase decision to make sure that this tractor can handle every type of work that you want to do.

John Deere 1050 Tractor Price

John Deere 1050 Tractor

  • Original Price: $15,000 (1989)

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John Deere 1050 Tractor Specification

TypeYanmar turbocharged diesel 3-cylinder liquid-cooled 105 ci [1.7 L]
Bore/Stroke3.54×3.54 inches [90 x 90 mm]
Power (gross)37 hp [27.6 kW]
Air CleanerDual paper elements
Rated RPM2400
Starter Volts12
Oil Capacity7 qts [6.6 L]
Engine (gross)37 hp [27.6 kW]
Drawbar (claimed)28 hp [20.9 kW]
PTO (claimed)33 hp [24.6 kW]
Drawbar (tested)27.25 hp [20.3 kW]
PTO (tested)33.41 hp [24.9 kW]
TypeSliding Gear
Gears8 forward and 2 reverse
Clutch255mm mechanical dry disc
Oil Capacity28.5 qts [27.0 L]
Ag Front6.00-16
Ag Rear13.6-28
Fuel11 gal [41.6 L]
Hydraulic System6.875 gal [26.0 L]
Rear PTOlive*
Rear RPM540
Engine RPM540@2260
TypeOpen center
Capacity6.875 gal [26.0 L]
Pressure2030 psi [140.0 bar]
Pump Flow7.5 gpm [28.4 lpm]
Chassis4×2 2WD
4×4 MFWD 4WD
BrakesDifferential mechanical internal expanding shoe
CabTwo-post ROPS
Weight (shipping)2933 lbs [1330 kg] (2WD)
3142 lbs [1425 kg] (4WD)
Weight (operating)3400 lbs [1542 kg] (4WD)
Weight (ballasted)4140 lbs [1877 kg]
Wheelbase68.9 inches [175 cm]
Length122 inches [309 cm]
Width65 inches [165 cm]
2WD Height (hood)55.1 inches [139 cm]
4WD Height (hood)54 inches [137 cm]
Front Tread49 inches [124 cm]
Rear Tread51 to 75 inches
[129 to 190 cm]

John Deere 1050 Tractor Price

John Deere 1050 Tractor Attachments

Loader TypeJohn Deere 80
Height (to pin)93.5 inches [237 cm]
Clearance, Dumped Bucket75.2 inches [191 cm]
Dump Reach23.8 inches [60 cm]
Dump Angle40
Reach at Ground53.2 inches [135 cm]
Rollback at Ground21
Breakout Force (lift)1,800 lbs [816 kg]
Breakout Force (bucket)2,040 lbs [925 kg]
Lift to Full Height (at pin)910 lbs [412 kg]
Lift to 1.5m (at pin)1,125 lbs [510 kg]
Bucket Width53 inches [134 cm]
Raise Time to Height4.1 s
Bucket Dump Time4.5 s
Lowering Time2.5 s
Rollback Time2.8 s
Backhoe TypeJohn Deere 8A
Weight950 lbs [430 kg]
2-Foot Flat Digging Depth102 inches [259 cm]
Reach from Pivot133 inches [337 cm]
Loading Height82 inches [208 cm]
Bucket Force3,200 lbs [1451 kg]
TypeMid-mount John Deere 172
Cutting Width72 inches [182 cm]
TypeFront-mount John Deere 423
Width72 inches [182 cm]

John Deere 1050 Tractor Review Video

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That’s all that we can say about the John Deere 1050 tractor. Make sure that you understand all the key features and specifications of this product before buying one. You can also leave some comments if you still have any questions regarding the tractor.