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Kubota ZD21 zero-turn mower is two-wheel drive (2WD) machinery from Kubota that was manufactured in 2001 – 2006. This model is categorized under the company’s ZD series (along with ZD15 and ZD326). It comes with Kubota-produced diesel engine, which is known for having high efficiency, long durability, good reliability, and high performance. In addition, their engines also offer better fuel efficiency, less operating noise, fewer emissions, and higher torque in their respective classes.

The length of this tractor reaches 80.3 inch (2,040 mm) with wheel base of 49.2 inch (1,250 mm). The 54-inch deck variant has 52.4 inch (1,330 mm) of width, 46.5 inch (1,180 mm) of height, and 1,235 pounds (560 kg) of weight. Meanwhile, the 60-inch deck variant has 57.1 inch (1,450 mm) of width, 47 inch (1,190 mm) of height, and 1,260 pounds (570 kg) of weight

Kubota ZD21 zero-turn mower is equipped with 0.8 L (47.5 cubic inch or 778 cm2) 3-cylinder naturally aspirated (NA) diesel Kubota D782 engine. It has 2.9 inch (73.6 mm) of piston stroke and 2.64 inch (67 mm) of cylinder bore. The maximum output power that can be produced by this unit is 21 horsepower (15.7 kW or 21.4 PS).

Kubota ZD21 zero-turn mower features 2-post ROPS for safety purpose, open operator station (OOS) platform, hand control (mechanical) steering) and internal expanding shoe brakes. Its fuel tank capacity is measured at 7.9 gallons (30 L or 6.6 imperial gallons). It also has Kubota Glidecut cut tool that offers outstanding maneuverability.

The transmissions of Kubota ZD21 come in hydrostatic system that provides infinite F and R gears. This system ensures effortless driving due to having hydraulic motor on each wheel. The operator is given comfort by the ergonomically adjustable seat and reachable operating controls. In general, the Kubota ZD21 zero-turn mower is best to use for large garden (more than half an acre) with splattered flower beds, bushes, and trees.

You can use two types of attachments to improve the functionality of this tractor model. The first attachment type is a 54-inch mid-mounted mower deck with three blades. The second attachment available is a 60-inch mid-mounted mower deck with three blades.

Read more about the specifications detail, list of features, serial numbers, price, and more of the Kubota ZD21 zero-turn mower below.

Kubota ZD21 Price

Kubota ZD21 Zero-turn mower

  • Kubota ZD21 Original Price: $5,400.00 USD
  • Kubota ZD21 Serial Number: Not Available

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Kubota ZD21 Specification

EngineKubota D782 diesel 3-cylinder liquid-cooled
Displacement778 cc
47.5 ci
Bore/Stroke2.638×2.898 inches
67 x 74 mm
Power (gross)21 hp
15.7 kW
Rated RPM3200
Starter volts12
Chassis4×2 2WD
Steeringdifferential power
CabTwo-post foldable ROPS.
Gearsinfinite forward and reverse
Mid PTOindependent
Wheelbase49.2 inches
124 cm
Length80.3 inches
203 cm
Width57.3 inches
145 cm
Height (steering wheel)45.3 inches
115 cm
Height (ROPS)75.2 inches
191 cm
Weight1393 lbs
631 kg
Front tread38.3 inches
97 cm
Rear tread42.5 inches
107 cm
Lawn/turf front15×6.0-6
Lawn/turf rear24×12-12
Battery CCA450
Battery volts12

Kubota ZD21 Attachments

Typemid-mount Kubota RCK60-21Z
Cutting width60 inches
152 cm
Overall width74 inches
187 cm
Cut height1 to 5 inch
2 to 12 cm

Kubota ZD21 Review Video

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Belonging to the ZD series, Kubota ZD21 zero-turn mower is designed with mechanical reliability to specifically help with intense workloads. If you are in need of machinery that provides excellent cutting performance and superb productivity, then this model might just be the ideal power equipment to go for.