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Powered by a Kubota V1702-DI-A diesel four-cylinder liquid-cooled 105.7 ci [1.7 L] engine, the L2850 Compact Utility Tractor has a maximum output of 34.0 horsepower [25.54 kW].

At 2,425 lbs [1099 kg], the Kubota L2850 Compact Utility Tractor is equipped with a Kubota 1.7L 4-cyl diesel engine, 8 forward and 7 reverse gears and a 32.8-quart oil capacity.

This compact utility tractor from Kubota comes with mowing decks, front-end loaders and backhoes as standard equipment.

Find out more about the Kubota L2850 Tractor now by reading our in-depth review. I really hope you find it beneficial.

Kubota L2850 Price in the USA

Kubota L2850

Original Price: $7,950 USD

Kubota L2850 Tractor Serial Numbers

1985 50005
1986 51786
1987 53807
1988 55931
1989 57212
1990 58326
1991 58771
1992 59193

Kubota L2850 Specifications

Kubota L2850 Engine

EngineKubota V1702-DI-A diesel 4-cylinder liquid-cooled 105.7 ci [1.7 L]
Bore/Stroke:3.23×3.23 inches [82 x 82 mm]
Power (gross):34.0 hp [25.4 kW]
Air cleaner:paper element
Rated RPM:2600
Starter volts:12
Oil capacity:8.9 qts [8.4 L]
Coolant capacity:7.4 qts [7.0 L]

Kubota L2850 Transmission

Type:mechanical shuttle
Gears:8 forward and 7 reverse
Clutch:dry plates
Oil capacity:32.8 qts [31.0 L]

Kubota L2850 PTO

Rear PTO:continuous
live (optional)
Rear RPM:540/1000
Mid PTO:optional
Mid RPM:1080/2000

Kubota L2850 Power

Engine (gross):34.0 hp [25.4 kW]
PTO (claimed):27 hp [20.1 kW]
Drawbar (tested):23.16 hp [17.3 kW]
PTO (tested):27.51 hp [20.5 kW]

Kubota L2850 Hydraulics

Type:open center
Capacity:8.2 gal [31.0 L]
Pressure:2275 psi [156.9 bar]
Valves:1 to 3
Pump flow:7.8 gpm [29.5 lpm]
Steering flow:2.8 gpm [10.6 lpm]

Kubota L2850 Capacity

Fuel:7.7 gal [29.1 L]
Hydraulic system:8.2 gal [31.0 L]

Kubota L2850 Mechanical

Chassis:4×2 2WD
4×4 MFWD 4WD
Differential lock:rear standard
Brakes:differential wet disc
Cab:Two-post ROPS. Optional sunshade

Kubota L2850 Dimensions

2WD Weight (shipping):2480 lbs [1124 kg]
4WD Weight (shipping):2710 lbs [1229 kg]
GST 4WD Weight (shipping):2800 lbs [1270 kg]
4WD Weight (operating):2790 lbs [1265 kg]
Weight (ballasted):4580 lbs [2077 kg]
Wheelbase:68.3 inches [173 cm]
Length:114.2 inches [290 cm]
Width:53.9 inches [136 cm]
Height (exhaust):78.3 inches [198 cm]
Ground clearance:14.0 inches [35 cm] (2WD)
13.6 inches [34 cm] (4WD)
Front tread:45.3 to 57.1 inches (2WD)
[115 to 145 cm] (2WD) 44.1 inches [112 cm] (4WD)
Rear tread:41.3 to 59.6 inches
[104 to 151 cm]
2WD turn radius:7.9 feet [2.4 m] (with brakes)
4WD turn radius:7.9 feet [2.4 m] (with brakes)

Kubota L2850 Tires

Ag front:5.00-15 (2WD)
7-16 (4WD)
Ag rear:12.4-24

Kubota L2850 3 Point Hitch

Rear Type:I
Control:position and draft control
Rear lift (at ends):2,425 lbs [1099 kg]
Rear lift (at 24″/610mm):1,980 lbs [898 kg]

Kubota L2850 Electrical

Charging system:alternator
Charging amps:35

Kubota L2850 Battery


Kubota L2850 Attachments

72″ Mower Deck

Type:mid-mount Kubota RC72-28
Cutting width:72 inches [182 cm]
Weight:476 lbs [215 kg]
Overall width:88.6 inches [225 cm]
Cut height:1.5 to 4.5 inch [3 to 11 cm]


Loader type:Kubota BF500
Weight:904 lbs [410 kg]
Height (to pin):98.4 inches [249 cm]
Clearance, dumped bucket:78.5 inches [199 cm]
Dump reach:27 inches [68 cm]
Dump angle:40
Reach at ground:66.3 inches [168 cm]
Rollback angle:24
Breakout force (lift):1984 lbs [899 kg]
Lift to full height (at pin):1102 lbs [499 kg]
Bucket width:60 inches [152 cm]


Backhoe type:Kubota BL4520
Digging depth:78 inches [198 cm]


Backhoe type:Kubota BL4530
Digging depth:90 inches [228 cm]


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