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For those who need to own a tractor with the excellent power-producing capability, surely Swaraj 735 XT tractor is the one to buy. This product is completed by a lot of features to help the tractor to produce the massive power. Well, this tractor is also easy to operate, and it has such a great additional pulling power. Keep reading to find out more about the tractor.

First of all, the engine used in this Swaraj 735 XT tractor is a powerful one that can produce up to 40 horsepower or about 29,82 kilo Watts. The engine also supports the production of extra torque power every time this tractor is used. Besides the engine, it is also well-known for its user friendliness. Operating this tractor won’t be something so hard to do, even when you are a first-timer.

In addition, the Swaraj 735 XT tractor has side-gear mechanism. It means operating the tractor is made easy as you will be sitting more comfortably, and even when you are using the tractor for a great length of time, you won’t feel any discomfort or fatigue. It also has dual-clutch feature to help the tractor’s versatility, and you should be able to operate it as rotavator as well as PTO.

Some of other features you will find in this Swaraj 735 XT tractor include hydraulic feature. This feature has high capacity that’s capable in optimizing the speed of this tractor. It means the tractor is basically perfect for anything, including for the application in agricultural and non-agricultural purposes.

Actually, there are still a lot of things you should know about this particular tractor. If you would like to find out more about the price, specs, and more, just continue reading. Surely, you should be able to find out more about Swaraj 735 XT tractor. In addition, it also includes some pictures about the tractor and the reviews, too.

Swaraj 735 XT 40 HP Price

Swaraj 735 XT tractor

  • Price: ₹ 5,80,000 – ₹ 6,30,000

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Swaraj 735 XT Feature

EngineEasy Side Gear
Dual ClutchDiaphragm Type Single Clutch (Dia-280mm/305mm*)
Low Force Hydraulic LeversIsolator Valve
Taper Front AxleOIB
Higher Capacity Sensi Lift Hydraulics

Swaraj 735 XT Specification

ModelRV-3 XM+ 3A
HP38 – 40 hp Category
Type4 Stroke, Direct injection, Diesel engine.
No. of Cylinders3
Bore and Stroke100 X 116 mm
Displacement2734 cc
Rated Engine Speed1800 Rev/min.
Air Cleaner3- Stage Oil Bath Type
Cooling SystemWater Cooled with No loss tank.
Clutch StandardSingle dry disc friction plate – 280mm dia. (11”)
Clutch OptionalDual clutch
No. of Gears8 Forward, 2 Reverse speeds
Forward2.20 to 28.50
Reverse2.70 & 10.50
PTO Speed: Standard540 rpm
PTO Speed: OptionalNA
Brake type: StanradOil Immersed Brakes
Brake type: OptionalNA
StandardMechanical Steering
OptionalPower steering
Live HydraulicsPosition control
Lifting Capacity1000 Kgf at lower link ends.
Linkage3 point linkage suitable for Category-I&II type implement pins.
Front Tyre Standard6.00 x 16
Rear Tyre Standard13.6 x28
Electricals12 Volt, 88 Ah
InstrumentsEngine rpm cum
O.A. Length3385 mm
O.A. Width1730 mm
O.A. Height2285 mm
Wheel Base1925 mm
Min. Ground Clearance395 mm
Weight of Tractor1930 kg
Wheel TrackFront 1320 mm
Wheel TrackRear 1350 mm (with 13.6*28 tyre type)


That is all you have to understand about Swaraj 735 XT tractor. It includes the information about how much money you have to spend to bring this machinery home. Besides the price in India, you have also read about the specs and features. If you think this machine is perfect for your need, just go for it. Now, if you like something about the post or you want to say anything about it, post a comment and we will get back to you soon.