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John Deere STX38 Black Deck lawn tractor is a great product for you who have been the fans of John Deere machinery. This black deck product is basically a simpler version of STX38 yellow-deck. Yes, the yellow one was very popular back in the early 1990s, but now it has been replaced with its younger and simpler version: the black-deck. What is new about this black-deck tractor? Find out below.

John Deere STX38 Black Deck lawn tractor is your day-to-day tractor which can be used to manage the lawn and to mow down the grasses. This version is certainly the simpler version of the yellow mode as it has fewer features and basically cheaper as well. It makes the market range of the tractor is wider since everyone can now afford to buy this particular tractor.

The simplicity of John Deere STX38 Black Deck lawn tractor starts from its engine. It is 1-cylinder Kohler engine. It has smaller capacity of 398 cc, and this CV13S engine is air-cooled already on its vertical shaft. With the gasoline-based engine, the tractor has the ability to produce 13 horsepower at apparently 9.7 kilo watts. Moreover, the power rate of this product is around rpm 3600.

In addition, the engine is not the only thing you can be amazed of when it comes to this John Deere STX38 Black Deck lawn tractor. The tractor has 5-speed gear to help you operate the tractor easily. The brakes have mechanical discs to enhance the safety of anyone using the tractor. Moreover, the steering is not automatic or hydraulic-powered as it still uses sector-and-pinion steering, but the eventual operation of the tractor is quite easy after all.

For you who want to find out more about the tractor, such as its price and previous reviews, stay tuned so you can read everything you need to know right here. There will be information about the specs, the serial number, as well as some reviews from people who have bought this John Deere STX38 Black Deck lawn tractor in the past.

John Deere STX38 Black Deck Price

John Deere STX38 Black Deck Lawn tractor

  • John Deere STX38 Original Price: $2,000 (1995 gear) – $2,500 (1995 hydrostatic)

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John Deere STX38 Serial Number

1994210001 (STX38 black deck)
1995240001 (STX38 black deck)
1996270001 (STX38 black deck)
1997290001 (STX38 black deck)
1996270001 (STX38 Motorsport)
1997290001 (STX38 Motorsport)

John Deere STX38 Specification


Kohler CV13S gasoline

1-cylinder air-cooled vertical-shaft

Displacement398 cc
24.3 ci
Bore/Stroke3.425×2.638 inches
87 x 67 mm
Power13 hp
9.7 kW
Rated RPM3600
Starter volts12
Oil capacity2 qts
1.9 L
TransmissionDana 4360
Typebelt-driven gear
Gears5 forward and 1 reverse
Oil changesealed unit, service not recommended
Chassis4×2 2WD
Steeringmanual sector-and-pinion
Brakesintegral mechanical disc
CabOpen operator station.
Wheelbase44.69 inches
113 cm
Length60 inches
152 cm
Width52 inches
132 cm
Height38.6 inches
98 cm
Weight433 lbs
196 kg
Lawn/turf front13×6.5-6
Lawn/turf rear18×8.5-8
Charging systemflywheel alternator
Battery volts12

John Deere STX38 Review Video

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For the conclusion, surely it is very clear the tractor is a versatile, simple one to buy. The information about the price, the serial number and the specs can be read up there. If you like the post, or you want to know more about John Deere STX38 Black Deck lawn tractor and other tractors, leave a message on the comment section.