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John Deere 3032E Utility Tractor – John Deere 3032E Utility Tractor is a compact-sized utility tractor produced by John Deere with an engine from Yanmar. The design of the engine uses the 3-cylinder mechanism that burns diesel as the main fuel to produce the needed power. With the engine’s ability to produce up to 31 hp, or about 23.1 kW of power, this vehicle is suitable if you need to manage medium to large-sized fields.

The details of the engine for the John Deere 3032E Utility Tractor start with the coolant capacity of the Yanmar engine. You will be required to fill up the coolant liquid to up to 4.2 L to keep the engine’s temperature low. Meanwhile, the maximum power can be produced when the engine is pushed to 2400 RPM. The displacement is around 1.6 L and the torque RPM is at 1680. The engine uses a dry-type system for the air cleaning process, while the ignition uses a 12 V battery to start the engine.

The chassis used for the John Deere 3032E Utility Tractor is a powerful and durable 4×4 MFWD 4WD with an oil capacity of around 20.8 L. The braking system is the wet disc brakes that have been proven to be safe and reliable. Meanwhile, the transmission system uses hydrostatic transmission that is regularly used for other tractors from John Deere. Due to the large size of this tractor, the manufacturer uses the Two-post folding ROPS design for the operator cab.

There are two types of loader that can be used on the John Deere 3032E Utility Tractor. The first one is the John Deere 305 Loader and the other is the John Deere D160 Loader. Both loaders can be chosen based on the terrain condition and the ground level of the field that you want to work on. With a powerful engine that has a fuel capacity of 6.4 L, you will not have any difficulty operating the heavy-duty loaders with the tractor.

John Deere is a brand for outdoor equipment and engine produced by Deere & Company. Established in Grand Detour, Illinois. With more than 184 years of experience in the industry, John Deere has become one of the most valuable companies in the United States. The company produced several series of tractors, including D series, E series, JDLink, and other series.

John Deere 3032E Utility Tractor Price

John Deere 3032E Utility Tractor

  • John Deere 3032E Utility Tractor Price: $22,656.00USD

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John Deere 3032E Utility Tractor Features

Dry-type air cleaner
Twin Touch foot controlsOptional cruise control
Transmission reservoir fluid checkpointIntegrated brake
Clean and simple operator’s stationLeft-side step for easy entry/exit

John Deere 3032E Utility Tractor Specification

Engine power22.9 kW
31.2 hp
Power take-off  power18.6 kW
25 hp
Steering hydraulics15 L/min
4 gpm
Implement hydraulics20.2 L/min
5.3 gpm
Hitch typeCategory 1
Lift capacity615.1 kg
1356 lb
Standard transmissionHydrostatic transmission (HST)
Cruise controlOptional
Approximate shipping weight1007.9 kg
2222 lb
Wheelbase159.5 cm
62.8 in.
Engine model3TNV88C-NJT
Engine power22.9 kW
31.2 hp
Power take-off (PTO) power18.6 kW
25 hp
Rated engine speed2500 rpm
Injection pump typeHigh pressure common
Emissions complianceFinal Tier 4
Cylinders/displacement3 / 1.64 L
3 / 100.2 cu in.
Number of cylindersThree
Cylinder linersCast-in-block
Bore and stroke88 x 90 mm
3.46 x 3.54 in.
Compression ratio19.1:1
Cooling systemWater pump
Air cleanerDual element
Engine torque at rated speed87 Nm
64.2 lb-ft
Fuel tank capacity28.5 L
7.5 U.S. gal.
Battery size500 CCA
Alternator55 amp
Starter size1.4 kW
1.9 hp
TypeHigh pressure
Standard transmissionHydrostatic transmission
Left-hand reverserNo
Final driveBull Gear
BrakesWet disc
SteeringPower steering
Axle capacityFront
798 kg
1760 lb
1197 kg
2640 lb
Cruise controlOptional
Differential lockYes

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The aspects of the John Deere 3032E Utility Tractor are important to learn if you are looking for heavy-duty equipment to manage medium and large-sized fields. Attachments are also available if you need tractor loaders.